Dan Schmatz has been an active member in the WGI community since 2000.  Starting his marching career with SPYE (01-02) based out of Kitchener, ON, and ending with NorthCoast Academy (03-05), serving as ensemble leader in 04 and 05.  He has been an active instructor since then, working with and writing for numerous high schools and independent groups.  Although a snare drummer, he still finds himself at the creative end of NorthCoast Academy's cymbal lines.  He will continue to help set the bar higher with NCA's cymbals this season.

Aside from teaching, Dan is an active percussionist in Detroit and quickly getting a name for himself in the local World music scene.  You can catch him playing every Tuesday night at the Black Lotus in Clawson, MI.  Aside from that, you can catch him at most of the home games with the Pistons Drumline.  "Joining the Pistons Drumline is the best thing you can do with your old man hands."

We are glad to have Dan rejoin the design team!