Martin first started writing Indoor shows with Spirit Performing Youth Ensemble in 1996 and won the Bronze medal with S.P.Y.E. In 1997. He has been active in the WGI circuit ever since then. He has taught and arranged/composed for many groups, from Marching Bands (in Michigan) to Senior Corps with The Syracuse Brigadiers (5 times DCA champions) winning 2 drum titles as caption head, where he has had the chance and privilege to work with leaders in the industry such as Scott Johnson, Dave Glyde, and Colin McNutt. In 2003 Martin started designing/composing/arranging shows for NorthCoast Academy and kept doing so through the 2009 season. 

He currently lives in Laval, Québec, Canada, he’s bilingual, and currently working for Ventrol/Huntair Industries in the engineering department. Martin is very please to be back with his family that is NorthCoast Academy. Martin is an Innovative Percussion Endorser.